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Using your values to improve your mental health

Values work can be an important component of psychological treatment. When we consider our personal values, we can find ways to motivate ourselves to do difficult things. When working with my clients, I like to start treatment through the foundation of identifying their own values. Our values are those things, beliefs and aspects of our lives that are personally meaningful to us. These can range from being kind, to making time for family, to being passionate about learning. By living our lives more intentionally in alignment with our own personal values, we can be more fulfilled and experience a greater sense of purpose.

The treatment of many psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, OCD, social anxiety, relationship issues and eating disorders often includes values work. When I connect with my clients, together we explore their own unique experiences, perceptions, and beliefs, which helps them define what their own values may be. Asking each individual to make behavioral choices that align with their values can help improve their psychological well being. Living through our values shows us how to feel more capable and fulfilled. Allowing our values to guide our actions can help us live in a way that feels true to who we are, allowing a heightened sense of well-being. 


Using their values as a guide throughout treatment can allow each client to feel empowered that, through the work they do, they are making progress towards achieving the life they want to live. Engaging in behaviors that align with our values can help improve our mood, enhance the quality of our relationships, increase our sense of self-efficacy and improve our functioning.


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