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Intensive Treatment Programs

In some cases, individuals may benefit from a more in depth type of treatment that focuses on treating the whole person and maximizes their treatment gains. At CHI we strive for individualized care that focuses on each person's unique needs. Our goal is to help folks improve their quality of life and functioning by examining learned patterns of behavior that conflict with their ability to live their lives effectively. We believe that by completing comprehensive assessment and targeted treatment our intensive programs can offer a fast-tracked approach to symptom reduction and living a life that's aligned with one's overall values.

Each program is individually designed for each of our clients. We begin with a comprehensive clinical evaluation, neuropsychological testing, and nutritional evaluation to gather the information needed to put together a treatment plan. We provide clinician recommendations based on these evaluations and collaboratively construct a schedule that meets each individuals needs.

Clinical evaluation and treatment recommendations:

  • Comprehensive clinical evaluation in regards to symptom presentation and it's impact on the individuals functioning. Setting goals for treatment and identification of individual values.

  • Individual therapy

  • Home visits

  • Meal support

  • Out of office exposures

  • Group therapy

  • Parenting training and support

  • Free monthly OCD support group for adults

Neuropsychological testing:

Nutritional evaluation and performance planning:

  • OCD and food phobias,

  • Eating disorders


  • Athletes

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